P3D v4 Autogen for Germany

That's right, that's how it should be.
As I have written on the download page:
Big cities are not yet covered with autogen, so here for Bavaria the cities Munich and Nuremberg are missing. This is simply because I don't have a script yet that delivers satisfactory results for big cities.
Oh, no problem! :cool:

Anyway, in the meantime I have a script which provides quite usable results, so I am thinking about creating a new version of the autogen for bavaria..
Hey Matthias,

this is looking great, I was never a big fan of photoreal ground textures since many had missing Autogen but with you work.... Do you plan to provide your tools/scripts later to the public?
Hi Kai!
Thank you, indeed, I totally agree with you. I also don't like photoreal ground without autogen...

Unfortunately I won't provide all the scripts, just because it is using ArcPy (which makes these scripts for 90 % unusable) and my programming skills are quite limited and a lot is hardcoded. So I would have to rewrite the most of the scripts and I think in this time it is better to create new autogen ;)
I am very sorry that I always upload so many pictures, so I hide them in the spoiler...
Today - fresh out of the sim - the eastern part of Lower Saxony, between Hannover and the Harz:
Hannover Airport

Hannover itself

And the western part of the Harz:

Hello everyone!
Sorry, quite a long time no pictures... I first had to get my sim up and running again after my Windows was crying for a reinstall...
But now... The first picture of the very north of lower saxony, the city of Leer:
You're welcome!
The reason why I use 7zip is that the file size is smaller than with zip. And if you had a slow internet connection like mine, you'd know that you're happy about every byte you don't have to transfer. ;)