Autogen for Swiss Professional


look at this fine pictures of autogen ...

Only some pics - the website is very good ->

Wow , eh ?

The swiss-guys are working on it ...
Will be nice to fly around with autogen.

Perhaps some of you will help the autogen-group too ?
Swiss is a wonderful terrain to fly !

In the thread there are some nice links to the agn.s

Greetz - Enzo
hey Art !

Hi Art,

right back from holidays - and my customers were killing my time with new orders for programs.
In these times in germany i won t cry because of this ...

Lol - found this by internet - many of these guys use your program for their areas.
Swiss Pro is perhaps the best add-on scenery - so having autogen in there will be unbelieveable !

Greets - Enzo

Brown from italy - and fat ... from italian food
Looks very nice, especially with the red roofs. I have done something similar with Georender photoreal for Alaska. The Art Martin program really helps since there are over 14,000 textures. Many are water and many more are in the wilderness so a few hundred need "treatment".
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