Autogen SDK, Annotator GUID error?


I am a beginner in Scenery design (for MSFX). I already have made some sceneries for other sims (x-plane).

Since a few days i ve made some experiences with landclasses and autogen.
By using the annotator tool i always get an error message ("must have a valid vegetation guid set").

I don t know what to do? i put the annotator in the fsx/autogen folder but it does not function.

I have downloaded a tool naming guidgenerator, but it changes nothing.
whats about this "GUID" ?

Can anybody help me?



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I have not used the Annotator but if the GUID is similar in meaning to others that are used in FSX then it is used to identify something that the program uses. A Guid is a unique number which can identify something

For example every library object has a GUID. There are GUIDs for things like materials, extrusions and so on. I think there are now GUIDs to identify landclass types etc. If you look in the Autogen Source XML Folder associated with Annotator you will see a number of xml files. These contain descriptions of the different items and the GUID associated with them. There are references to vegetation in some of them.

In that case you are being told that you either do not have a vegetation type set or the type is not accepted.

I do not think that a GUID generator would help here - that is designed to create your own GUIDs for objects and that is not what the Annotator is expecting.

I am sure that someone with more experience of this tool will step in here :)
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When you launch the Annotator.exe it will automtically launch the auto gen. configurator. From the configurator load the autogen descriptions.xml.

Select the vegtation type from the vegatation dialog and then from the annotator click on set GUID.

Hope this helps.
I am having the same problem but can't get it to work.

1) I paced the default.xml from the FSX autogen into the Annotator's folder
2) Launched the Annotator
3) In the Annotator (Ann) I loaded the BGL file that contains the photoreal tile
that I wish to annotate (Aerial Imagery)
4) In the Annotator Configuration Editor (ACE) I loaded the "Autogen Descriptions XML" file.
5) In ACE's Vegetation Groupings I selected "veg_tb_Bush_General_8ft".
This information appears now in the Properties dialog
6) In the Ann Control Strip I pressed the Set Guid button that is next to
the "Vegetation (V)" button but it still shows GUID NULL. Clicking on the
aerial imagery therefore causes the "Must have vegetation GUID set" error.

I believe I have done all the steps right, how comes it doesn't accept the vegetation?

See my Annotator
You need to select a grouping or regionalisation, rather than a model.

EDIT: Just a bit more info after reading your other post.
The GUID is an autogen class GUID, rather than a model GUID, so you need to select from the top level of Vegetation Groupings or Regionalisations. If you really really needed to place individual models then you'd need to add them to the autogen xml file -- autogen\default.xml. But of course this adds a complication when it comes to distribution.
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Yes, if you look carefully you could see that I have indeed selected one from the Groupings tree. Tried many of the trees in the Groupings category but always the same problem. I am not placing any model.
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No, you've selected an individual model (in this case a singe tree). Select a top-level grouping or regionalisation.
That is correct. From your post I understood that one should select anything (anything) from below Regionalization OR Groupings, so I selected a particular type of tree (which was what I wanted any way). Those are the items listed with a cone icon. That doesn't work.

If on the other hand one chooses a category GROUP from underneath either Groupings OR Regionalizations, only then one can set GUID. The programmer of the Annotator tool must definitely needs a class on checking erroneous conditions on the input.

So now I can annotate :) only I wanted a particular item (the 8 foot tall items) rather than the mix. Anyway, that is not that bad.
Yes, from the manual (below) it does seem that you should be able to select individual models, but unfortunately only the top level works.

A grouping can contain references to both other groupings and individual models. In all cases the relative weights determine how often a model, or group of models, is to be used. When creating vegetation areas using the Annotator tool, select any level of vegetation from the high level groupings to the particular model entries, and an appropriate selection of that vegetation will be rendered at run-time.
I too am having a tough time getting autogen annotator to work.

Everything goes fine when starting, however when i go to load the autogen descriptions.xml the program just crashes.

using FSX SE - and LM's prepar3d annotator , Windows 10
Any help would be greatly appreciated... :)