Autogen trees not showing up

I am noticing something that seems to be odd to me. I followed these directions and when I go to merge objects, I don't see all of my GP objects. My runway is a GP rectangle with a custom asphalt texture. I don't see that and I don't see the taxiways and apron that also use that texture. I do see the other GP objects such as a GP rectangle the same size as the runway that is a for lack of better term, runway noise, texture. I also see the threshold stripes, runway center line stripes, touchdown markers and taxiway center line markings, all of which are GP objects. If I look in the material editor I don't see the asphalt material listed either. Shouldn't those objects show up as well?
You cannot have the same material on different layers. That is what is different between MCX GPWizard and the ADE GP Editor. That is probably the reason.
I think I have something else going on here. I deleted the runway polygons and every polygon within 1300 feet of a bunch of autogen trees that I placed used the annotator. I also deleted every model within 1000 feet and the autogen still did not show up. I deleted the GP.BGL and it shows up fine. I am not sure what it is though.
We need an update at this point on the status of what you are testing. ;)

Have you converted your GPs to P3D SDK compiled, MDL-based format, or are they still legacy format SCASM / ASM based objects ?

If they are still SCASM / ASM based objects, after merging GP 'segments' back into 1-piece objects in MCX, have you converted them into "grouped" sub-objects segmented into extents no larger than 100 Meters ...via the semi-automatic features in either MCX G-Poly Wizard or the ADE GP Editor ? :scratchch

Good morning Gary. I am not sure I understand the MDL-based versus SCASM/SAM based objects. I am creating the GPs in ADE 1.70 and later 1.75 using the P3D SDK I don't know if that is creating MDL or SCASM/ASM based objects. I would assume the newer versions of ADE would create .mdl based polys instead of legacy ones but is there a way to check?

I did try Robystar's suggestion but I don't see any of the polys that have my asphalt texture for some reason, which would be the runway, taxiways and apron. I see every other poly in MCX when I do that, but not the those.

Okay if I compile the airport using ADE 1.70 I have no autogen close to the airport. If I compile it using the 1.75 version I do. Guys I really appreciate all the help. I am back on track now.
The only anomaly that I notice so far is that some of my custom ground lines are not displaying correctly. In the attached pic, on the left is the top down view in P3D and on the right is the view in ADE. All looks well in ADE as far as alignment, but in P3D the lines are off. I notice this behavior in several lines and polys.


Why do you think I proposed the difficult way to do things?
Answer: because I found it (for the time being at least) the only reliable way to get things done satisfactorily (i.e. more or less because there is still a shadow problem in FSX but not in P3Dv3/4).
I too have been (like you now) through the problems of autogen suppression and gp offsets.
Now it's just getting weird. I moved my runway poly over about 1-2 feet to align it but didn't touch any other polys or lines. Now the line that I made a screenshot of before is perfectly aligned even though I didn't touch that poly or line.


IMHO, right about now would be a good time to: ;)

1.) Study how to properly import your ADE GPs into MCX, (filtering for GPs and excluding non-GPs) via the MCX G-Poly Wizard.

2.) Assign the negative Z-Bias Material Properties which are used in P3D with MDL-based GPs

3.) Export a P3D G-Poly in the format of a MDL (this is what 3D scenery objects, aircraft, SimObjects consist of, except a GP is 'flat').

4.) Package the MDL inside a BGLComp library format BGL

5.) Place the GP scenery library object with "NoAutogenSuppression" and "NoShadows" attributes in the appropriate element positions of the BGLComp XML placement code

Test it in P3D, and let us know how it worked. :)

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Just to clarify: when I said there was a shadow problem, I meant the shadows from scenery objects that flicker in FSX but not in P3D. Looks like 'No Autogen Suppression" is the culprit as far as this is concerned.
But the question I have is why is there a difference in what you see in the ADE GUI when you place polys and what you see in the sim? I never had this issue until I switched to ADE 1.75. I even created a new runway poly and some threshold stripes in 1.75 instead of just using the ones I brought over from 1.70 and they are still misaligned. When you look at the airport in ADE that I posted a pic of, all the stripes on the runway are where they are supposed to be, but once you jump in the sim, they are off. Is this a bug with ADE?


I created a different airport in 1.75 and everything aligns as it shows in ADE. One thing I have learned, never ever design an airport in pre 1.75 and bring it over in to 1.75. LOL