Autogen XML - More SDK info, or XML implementation of code

I'm still exploring this one to see if it might already be possible...

I'm delving into the inner workings of Autogen XML coding and I'm hoping it's already possible but not listed in the SDK's...

Currently XML Autogen is based on regions of the world, and I'm going to try and find out if country codes will work instead. This is for a worldwide wildlife autogen release I am experimenting with...

If it's possible to change the


Autogen XML tag to a


Autogen XML tag to restrict the XML autogen based on country rather than region that would be fantastic...

So either I am hoping for documentation in the SDK's or for the <country> or even <city> or <state> tags to be enabled in the Autogen XML code....

This would make autogen an incedibly powerful FS feature that is yet to be fully utilized...


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Sounds like a great idea. Would make local autogen a lot easier. I would also like the possibility then to have multiple XML files defining the autogen. Having to change the default.xml file could make it a mesh, it would be easier if you could just add your own new XML file in that folder.


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Yes, does not work. But please keep the discussions in the other forums. This one is for suggestions only, else it will become a chaos :).
yup , i tried an edited one for Australia alongside the Orig XML file, what i noticed is that the Orig File reverted back to the un edited format unless i forgot to save correctly as i was tired and it was late at night.

In the Orig XML file , i did add ( as per the SDK ) the region code for australia adn replaced the GUID's for the american objects and replaced with my own custom Gmax objects from a Gmax Lib file i created. Intresting to note aswell, the objects id animated eg: windmills also worked as autogen, note to point out tho, any autogen objects for the central region of Australia will also show in the Sth West USA ( desert areas ) as its the same region.

Australian eastcoast for example is region code G !


rgds Jeff
Yeah that's what I'm trying to see if there is a work around or more possibilities other than just region codes... I mean it's all based on XML from what I can see...

Anyways, the experiments alone might be enough to inspire the guys at MS to enable this extra feature if it isn't there already...

I'm thinking of trying some XML data from scenery XML codes to see if I can make some tweaks...