Autogenconfigurationmerger dont merge autogen in default.xml

Hello ,
I installed 29Palms Skiathos on my Computer .
With this Program the autogenconfigurationmerger is delivered .
He should merge the Autogen Folder from the Scenery with the default.xml File in P3Dv4 Sim .
But i dont see any Autongen Buildings or Trees on Skiathos Airport.
What can go wrong while this Process ?
What i find out in the Logfile is that the Autogenconfig merger only scans one addon.config Folder but in P3D i have two of this Folders.
Where i can config which folders autogenmerger scan for autogen files ?



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ACM will detect active sceneries by itself. You can't configure that. Does the log show that the folder of your scenery was processed?