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Autogens from landclass are missing.


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I know this has been asked a thousand times. I don't know what happen to my project.
I have done Exclusion in ADE and do the photoscenery. I have found that some of the autogens from landclass are missing. But the autogens from my photoscenery which is done by Annotator tools are there. I have checked by putting files in and out the Test Folder that I have done to prevent them from FSX. To make story shot, I found that the file xxx.CVX.bgl from ADE cause that autogen suppression. I don't know why that happen. What can I do with CVX file? AFSIK CVX file is the line vectors only, why it cause autogen suppression.

What kind of terrain vectors did you make? Do you have certain flatten or exclusion polygons in there maybe?
Yes, Arno, there is an exclusion. But I already put exclusion out and recomplied, autogen is still missing. But the autogens made by Annotator are still there. I got confused, since if the exclusion cause this problem, autogens from Annotator should be excluded as well, shouldn't they?
I have checked in ADE, the area of no autogens is beyond the exclusion rectangle.
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Anything else in your terrain vector bgl that covers the excluded area?
Nothing else, I have tested by making exclusion in SbuilderX instead of ADE. The autogen suppression area is less. I don't know why.
I don't know what happened.
But I have deleted exclude in ADE and made flatten polygon in SbuilderX instead and it works just fine now.