AutoUpdated Ground Friction Libs for P3D

We have compiled out from the SimInSDK, a ground friction static library for P3D v4 (These are the VS2017 builds, for earlier builds - VS2015/2013 just PM us - me or @theisomizer)

The code auto-updates itself, so no need for recompilation of this lib for future P3D upgrades !

To use is it really simple:

1) Include the header in your VS project and then 2) link the lib (just pick up the one you need, MD / MDd / MTd / MDd)

#include "GroundFriction.h"

#pragma comment(lib, "GroundFrictionMDd.lib")
To use it do:

GroundFriction *pGF = new GroundFriction();  

double friction = 1.3;

pGF->SetGroundFrictionValue(WHEEL_CONCRETE_ROLLING_FRICTION, friction);

//Then to read it back

pGF->GetGroundFrictionValue(WHEEL_CONCRETE_ROLLING_FRICTION, &friction);
Don't forget to release (free) the pointer.

Let us know if you like it.



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