FSX Availability of a Tool Like FS9-LWMViewer?


in times of FS9, I really liked the MapViewer for FS2004, the "LWMViewer" Tool by Jim Keir. It mainly helped me identify the default / addOn files used by FS9 for the selected area, so that I could identify and resolve existing conflicts (e.g. doublets) better.

Unfortunately the latest version I could find was from 2005, and seemingly not running on Win7 (64bit) or above - at least it crashes immediately after startup, reporting APPCRASH in the KERNELBASE.dll module.

Does, by any chance, someone of you guys know a later version? Or is there an alternative tool for FSX and post-XP OS? Maybe there's a workaround technique, with which I could identify which (terrain, land/watermask, airports etc.) files FSX is actually loading?

Thank you for any advice,
Hi Mick:

I have Jim Keir's LWMViewer 1.4b and LWMViewer2 working properly on Windows 7 64-bit. :idea:

That utility code and graphical display is of course intended to work with FS2004 default and certain custom FS2004 format files. :pushpin:

LWMViewer looks for those FS9-format files within the FS9 install path folder chain as specified in the Windows registry location created during FS9 installation or when restored to the registry via a 3rd party FS utility.

The latest versions of LWMViewer are here:


LWMViewer2 is here


NOTE: Depending on the format in which the 3rd party files required by LWMViewer versions are provided, and what version of Windows they are installed to, one 'may' still need to manually "register" DLLs and then re-start Windows in order for those files to be available to LWMViewer or other applications.


However, aside from the technicality that LWMViewer can run successfully on Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit with FS9 and the proper version of FSUIPC installed to the [FS9 install path]\Modules sub-folder, your inquiry is regarding how to access comparable information on FSX format scenery content, and LWMViewer will not load FSX files, so you would need to identify FS utility applications that provide such info.

FYI: FSX SDK TMFViewer can provide most of the info one might otherwise have displayed via LWMViewer, and there are likely other 3rd party FS utility programs which may provide the info you are seeking.

BTW: After the FSX SDK is "properly" installed and its location configured into the Windows registry, TMFViewer can be found here:

[Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK install path]\SDK\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK\TmfViewer.exe

Alternatively, if you are using the Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D version 1.4x version of the FSX-compatible "ESP"-derived SDK, TMFViewer can be found here:

[Prepar3D SDK 1_4x install path]\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK\tmfviewer.exe

If you post more details on the specific info you are seeking, perhaps more suggestions might be offered. ;)

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Hello Gary,

nice to meet you again - I've been learning a lot from your inspirations, and again I'm astonished how you seem to pull all this out of some hidden pocket :D

Sorry for not being precise enough. I know TmfViewer, but it doesn't do what I'm after: Load all of the files FSX loads for the given area, and all at the same time! Then I could e.g. look these files / paths after in a list or by clicking at a specific location / point (LWMViewer did that). If I would see in FSX that something looks weird (just not as it's supposed to be), in LWMViewer I could click on that location in the interface and see (let's say in a filtered list) the files relevant for that exact location (land- or water-class, ecludes, polygons, objects, etc) and – if required – edit them. This helped me identify things like the "responsible" landclass file and path, and manipulate (of course after a backup ;)) some.

Maybe I just don't know how to get this kind of information out of TmfViewer, since I honestly didn't really dive into the manual. Or do you know a workaround?

EDIT: Good to have your confirmation on registering some of the DLLs ... after many OS changes I did, it's even likely to be a very good clue. I'm going to check in the next few days.

Thank you,
OK, I checked it out meanwhile and could make Version 1.4b run on my system (Version 2 still not). Anyways, as you mentioned, it's not for FSX.

With TmfViewer, afaik, I can open multiple files for examination. But what I'm actually looking for is a tool that, like LWMViewer did, loads everything (activated add-on-scenery etc) FSX would load in the current configuration. This way, I could identify situations like having different landclass files for the same area (e.g. existing in 2 different add-on-sceneries) or parts of a default airport still used despite that airport has been substituted (but one exclude was missing). Do you know any such tool, or how to squeeze that information out of TmfViewer?


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Hi Mick.

There was a tool for an earlier version of FS that searched for files that contained a lat-lon position. What it did was to search the file headers, and note the filenames. It may have been for FS2000 or earlier!

Sorry, I cannot remember it's name. But I think a program could be written to do this for FSX files.