P3D v3 AZA Mesa Gateway V2


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Great job in Ground Poly. If you don't mind, please write a tutorial on how you did this. It is P3Dv3 material which I think it is quite different from FS2002 ground poly. Need to set on Zbias and still some problems.
Very nice progress with this, Ryan ! :)

As you continue to refine this technique, please share your insights with us in posts and perhaps as a Tutorial / Wiki resource here at FSDeveloper, so we can all learn more about how to better work with the relatively new P3D SDK methods for creating Ground Polys, Bump Maps, and Specular Maps. :teacher:

Keep up the good work ! :cool:

I appreciate the feedback. I encourage anyone to speak up on anything you might see wrong or off.

As for the tutorial I agree there is a lack of proper instructions on how to make the polygons. Alot of what you see are in the textures though, but getting them to not flicker took me a while to figure out. Stay tuned, when I have a free day next week I should be able to give some insight.