P3D v3 AZA Mesa Gateway V2

@matthewpow, perhaps he was struck by the same phenomena as I was struck and many others, as I noticed by searching through this and other Forums! ;)
Good evening. I wouldn't say its totally dead but mere put on hold. When I got my new M.2 drive I couldn't connect to my external HD anymore. Finally after a year it powered on suddenly and I was met with the source files. I reinstalled 3dsMax but the 2019 version and it seemed to have messed with the dimensions of my exports. (exporting to cm not meters) I'm still working to get it back up and running but have been working on a smaller airport for the time being to get me back up to speed in modeling.



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This kind of mishap reminds me bitterly of the Boa Vista terminal that I had to redo at all.
(Something wanted this development to stop and I understood a few years later why)

Glad you were able to find your data :)
saved as soon as possible!


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I have all of my files that I need I just need to rework the materials in 3dsmax. Right now when I have a certain camera angle the ground polygons disappear. It was previously made with the V3 SDK.
TL:DR the whole thread but if you're working with P3Dv5 then that's a known bug. Upgrading to hotfix 2 should fix it. If it's not in HF2 then I know that LMCO are working on it. Effectively, you can ignore it and carry on working.