Bahamas Photoreal

Hi, I have been toying around with doing this area for a couple of years, and just a couple of months ago decided to redo it with a LOD16 resolution. I am trying to align Art Poole magnificent Bahamas airports plus create airports where there were none available for fsx save the default. It is still a work in progress. For example, the image right below is of Overyonder Cay, and if you look close enough you will see the wind turbines just as in real life.

Thats looks stunning :)

I am also experimenting with photosceneries, but wasnt able to apply a nice blendmask. In my case it looked more like a blurred strip. How did u do such smooth edges from default water to your scenery?
I agree aloushali the water blending is very well done. To achieve a look like this you should just use a gradient in your blend mask on the edge between the black and white. To do this just draw your blend mask and then apply gaussian blur. Use a fairly large pixel radius. When blurring in water the higher the pixel radius the better the PR will blend with the default water. If your blend mask is close to the shore line then you will be limited, but if your blend mask is further out to sea then you can use a pixel radius of 100s or even 1000 or more to achieve a gradual transition.

Very very nice! :)
Where did you get such a good aerial imagery?
For the Caribbean I just find cloudy satellite images.
Just to clarify, I started this post in 2015, and earlier this year redid all Bahamas scenery including Nassau, Eleuthera, Cat island & the Exumas.
Nassau & Eleuthera are finished mostly, and just got permission from Art Poole to use his great airports, for which I am in the process of adding vegetation and align with sat image.
There is hand placed autogen throught the islands as well as nigh lighting complemented by Taburet caribbean lights.
What follows are a series of images taken recently, mostly feautering Eleuthera.
Thanks and enjoy.
Thank you caribstar, your comments are much appreciated:), here are a few more while I flew around checking for corrections, from Nassau to North Eleuthera, on to Governor's Harbour, and another short hop from Nassau to Rock Sound. If you strain your eyes you might catch a glimpse of boats, and also an aircraft carrier with a hard landing surface. There are also a few ships with working helipads scattered around. Still a WIP, but almost done.
Annber, I did a bit of experimenting with this on my own at one point, but never really got anywhere with it. So I am so glad to see you doing this, and the quality is really top notch, from what I can tell. Glad Art is onboard with the updates, he has too many great custom objects built in to these airports for them not to continue on in P3D. Pretty excited about this, thanks for doing this. I hope you keep it going with the rest of the Bahamas.