Bahamas Photoreal

Very much still working on it. The main delay is the commercial satellite imagery, I need to wait for another 6 weeks to get imagery for Andros, Berry islands and Bimini. I have all airports around the Bahamas in place, autogen in place, custom vegetation in place, custom ground polys in place. There are also many custom buildings that I want made to be placed around the islands true to their geographic location. Here are some screenies from P3Dv4 and some from FSX.
Absolutely outstanding! I was hoping you wouldnt tread away from it, I cant find any photoreal sceneries for the bahamas lol. Whats your current stance on how you are going to release it? Payware im guessing? Or too early to tell?
It depends, they will be split. Bimini will be one scenery, Cat Isle another, Andros will be split in two, and so on. Bimini for example is 481mb (so Far).
Thank you for the interest. Yes, work continues while not working in the real world. So far I have finished MYBC & Little Whale Cay, Cat Cay and South Bimini as it relates to the scenery itself. The only caveat is that I am still trying to improve the night texture lighting. One of the features that this sceneries will have is AI ship and air traffic, and that is causing a delay since I have had to ask someone to develop it for me, which is taking longer than promised. It's not just your simple traffic, it will have aircraft carriers roaming the seas around the Bahamas and other Caribbean areas, you will be able to land on them as well. It will have general aviation as well as commercial flying in or out of these airports as well.
Which leads me to realize I will need someone that knows how to create liveries to do a few for me representing small airlines from the area.
You can track the progress here:

And visit FSelite for some new developments in the next few days.
Hi Annber :)
I can't believe how beautiful it is :O (I love islands, archipelagos etc) this sure will be in my sim :) about night tectures, what you can do are the 3D nigh lightings :)
its amazing :)
soo beautiful :O
if you need any beta tester, I"m available (FSX-Steam)
I wonder how many airports the pack is counting :)
I too am amazed at your project and its quality. I like best island flying so once released I cant see the need to fly anywhere else really Its a little though to understand the size of your total project and the progress, I guess because there are so many small islands and I am not so familiar with the area. Do you aim to develop all of the Bahamas islands including the ones with larger airports like Nassau? There is a payware airport available for Nassau already but with terrible performance and its rather old.

Once released I will begin to collect schedules and AI models and compile some realistic Bahamas AI traffic (Alpha-india etc)

My project covers the whole Commonwealth of The Bahamas, except for Nassau, which as mentioned already has a payware airport. The scenery will be released in sets of two, for example, MYBS & MYCC, MYBC & Little Whale Cay, MYRP & TKCA and so on. Additionally, I have already started work on St. Croix, US VI.
Thanks guys, and thank you for the comments!! Here is one more picture.

As this project gets closer to the finish line, I am posting some updated pictures. Looking at the first set of pics posted in 2015 when it was just casually done for personal use it has come a long way, and it has and continues to be a lot of work.
d learning.
Love all the shots! Amazing work, attention to detail, very immersive scenery! Love the people at the beach, too! Any chance you could take a shot with Miltons Mallard in Chalks colours around Bimini, etc, please? Just curious, as this is the aircraft Id be flying around your scenery!;-)