Basic tutorial - any recommendations ?

Hi All,

Looking for a basic Dummies Guide - type affair to FSDS.

Can find lots of specialised stuff, but I don't know where to start with it.

Thnx for any ideas.

Would prefer videos if anyone knows of any.
It is my lucky day !

I have lots of MAIW stuff... love my fighter planes and live near RAF Valley.

I have looked at your tutorials I think - 6 or so on aircraft and one on a hangar ? But I'm not interested in the aircraft stuff at the moment.

I think you did "Part One" of a hangar tutorial, but not got around to the second part yet ?

Also, to be honest, they were a little too advanced for me!!! They seemd to assume a degree of basic operation of the program, which is not the case as I see the grid lines and think: "what now ?"

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Gabe, I can't really make them any more basic than that. The Basics series doesn't even model anything, they only cover how to use FSDS and its various functions.

You really need to be willing to learn that stuff first if you want to do anything with that program. I'm trying to save people the months and months of pulling their hair out that many of us went through trying to learn the various techniques.

The next series which I've started with that first hangar modeling tutorial will focus on scenery modeling. I still need to cover texturing at some point which will be another huge tutorial. I will probably do the texturing tutes as soon as I get my main computer put back together and running.

I don't plan to do an AI model tutorial for some time, won't be any time this year for sure. Probably into 2011 before we get that far.
Okay, no worries.

I guess I'll try and suss out the basics from the built-in help files and get up to speed. :eek:

Then I'll be bugging you for the part two and texturing !

Cheers for now.

The built in help files, in my experience, are not that helpful. Remember the most up to date version (v3.5.1) is built for FSX users, not FS9. That being said some of the help files are geared towards FSX users only.

Try the videos I made, I promise you, if you don't like them, I'll refund your money! :D
Hi Mike,

I downloaded your tutorials a while ago, but I need to grasp the basics of the program first.

Rest assured, once I've got the basics, I'll move on to your videos. Just be sure to get that second sceenry one done ... ;)

I'm only really interested in scenery.

What I'd like is to make some generic buildings that I can use as building blocks to make more of differing sizes, and shapes etc. So, with a stock of buildings and windows, doors etc. I can basically make populate an area.

I am especially interested in making and attaching "signs" to the buildings, to customise hangars and office buildings with a 'company name' for example.

Specialist buildings like actual terminal buildings for a specific airport would come later I think.

Transparent windows are a must, as are night textures.

But I know I must start at the beginning. Learning a new language doesn't start with a copy of "War and Peace"... rather "Janet and John Learn Their ABCs".... !!!

Thnx again.