FSXA Batch file to start app before FSX

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I often forget to launch TrackIR before FSX, as required by Opus Software. So, I've written a simple batch file to do this for me instead of starting FSX.exe:

@echo off
cd "C:\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5"
start TrackIR5.exe
timeout /t 5 /nobreak

cd "D:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X"
start fsx.exe

This works for TrackIR but fails on FSX, as I guess fsx.exe is located on a different drive and pops up with "Windows cannot find 'fsx.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." error message.

How can I make the batch file to change the drives accordingly? Thanks!
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Are you sure your fsx.exe is located in the D:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder?

Also, if you are changing the current drive, try this instead:

cd /D D:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

the /D switch tells DOS to change the drive along with the folder.

No quotes are needed with the cd command (but you can use them if you want).

And why do you cd .. after starting TrackIR? The next cd command just overwrites it.

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A simple
"D:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe"
works for me (using my FSX path; with Steam running).

"Exit" is unneccessary since the script self-terminates.

A "pause" will provide a break point after any command, enabling analysis of what went wrong.
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Thank you SO much!!! Both tips worked well for me. Every time I learn something new here... :)
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Stay away from more complex scripts though, since, with increasing complexity, the "a" in "batch" proportionally turns into an "i". ;)
Just to clarify... If I run the batch file as administrator, does that mean that both TrackIR and FSX also run with admin privileges?