Beacon Light Effect

I am trying to create a beacon light effect that will only be visible from the one side. I can do this with the BGL_LIGHT command in ASM, but since MS is abandoning this command, it may be stupid to continue using it.

One of the airports I am working on have yellow flashing lights next to the taxiway at the hold short line. The effect is similar to what one will see on the taxiways at Heathrow. I am trying to design something similar with effects.

The flashing lights must be visible from the taxiway side, but not the runway side. I also intend to extend this effect to use it in runway approach lights.

If someone out there can point me in the right direction; I will really appreciate it!
Have you tried using the 'Facing' (heading, bank and pitch) parameter in your effect file? I haven't used this myself but it might solve your problem.

You will need FSX Deluxe and the latest SDK. you will also need to setup the Effects Tool. This is a cool tool for playing with effects and seeing the changes you make.:cool: It is simple to set up too. The SDK help file (fsxsdk.chm) will give you details on the 'Facing' parameter and you can use the effects tool to confirm your changes. Don't forget to copy the original file and only work on the copied and renamed file only.

Hope this helps. :)