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Before I go off on a wild goose chase lol

Few questions -

1) Is it possible to use CAT to animate hanger doors based on AI aircraft approaching them?

2) If an AI aircraft is parked inside the hanger at the start but is inactive will the doors open when it becomes active, or open right away.

thanks for all the great tools :)
Ok I went ahead and tried it anyway.

2 problems -

1) The animation plays, but doesn't play back to the start point, it just 'snaps' back.

2) The biggie - It doesn't respond to AI aircraft...any ideas.


The first issue I have seen on some other objects as well recently. I guess this is something I should check, sounds a bit like a bug.

About the AI part, I have never found any commands that allow you to check the position of AI aircraft. All commands only deal with the user aircraft. So I would say that is not possible.
Thanks Arno.

The animation 'snapping' back might not be a bug, I read in a post if the condition and the trigger were the same it causes it.
Yup, I had set both to the same.

Shame about the AI, I guess my only option is to set them to open and close by time, it will make flightplanning 'interesting' , lol.

Although something must check their position.