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Good, excuse me for the bad writing because I don't understand engles and I use a translator, I am studying the Englês á three months.

At a long time it would like to personalize my sceneries and to create objects and he/she does one week that I am working like FSDS V3, I built an object her title of experience saved as. BGL and I put in the paste ADDON SCENERY and everything went well.

Now I saved as. MDL and I went to do the test like Library Creator XML 2 and he/she gave mistake,
it follows images in work.

Did I download in of BGLCOMP and is the funny that with BGLCOMP in the prompt DOS he compiled him/it. XML, because?

How do I do for add in C:\RWY12 objects for me create?


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Hi Rudolf,

I don't really understand where the error comes from yet. It seems like that for some reason you have lost the GUID in the XML file, but in the XML code you show it is displayed fine.

To get the objects into Rwy12 you can better use the version 1.0 of Library Creator XML, it has a feature to create the needed XML file for Rwy12 for you. I still have to add that functionality back into version 2.0. The only reason to use version 2.0 now, is if you are working for FsX.