Beijing City 2019

I think may be it is better if we do the city scenery by making boxes, shapes/cylinders for those buildings whithout paying much on the detail. Then come back later for more detail. So, the project can be done at a considerable amount of buildings. If you get bored, the whole city in less detail is still usable rather that scattered detailed buildings here and there.
I would agree. Detail on city sceneries is only really useful if the user would be expected to fly closely to the buildings, but with ZBAA downtown is far away. The suer would never even see the detail from that distance.
I'm starting a project for a more detailed Phoenix City scenery, and this is a slightly different story: downtown is on the approach path to KPHX, so having more detail would be good.


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I found this. Unfortunately, there is less information in OpenStreet map of Beijing compare to western world.
Looks good...too Beijing ever that clear?
Opss!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: (Rick, sorry for the pun; I couldn't resist).

Another wonderfull project, I'm sure it will be absolutely fantastic.
I really appreciate the quality of your work; Above all, attention to details.

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Thanks Sergio, I hope I can accomplish this task.
I have done a few blocks of Beijing. There are 3-4 centers with high rises. I think it might be good not too have all autogens for those buildings with less than 4 stories. However, I will try to do that and see the impact on FPS. The details are just about right. You can do both helicopter flying in town or just fly by on big birds to ZBAA. Some unique and tall buildings will be modeled and their texture will be reused in some insignificant buildings. Their rough shape will be look alike but not in very detail to save both textures and polygons. You can get atmosphere of them. Those concrete buildings will be matched the real buildings in color, such as brown concrete buildings, white concrete buildings or glass buildings with different colors and reflections. I just spent one 1024x1024 texture sheet for those buildings in these screenshots. The aim point is: you should not feel the fps hit when you approaching to ZBAA from the south.


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Hello Tic,

I am using your Beijing scenery for FS2004 since day one and really look forward to this City addon.

May I ask if there was any progress lately?

Thank you!


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I have to put it on hold a bit. I have something more important to do. However, it is not canceled but hopefully it will be finished before 2019 pass.
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