FSX Beira airport

HI guys
after taking a well needed rest from the development of fajs O.R Tambo international airport due to school i decided to make a small airport as i have limited time so i decided to make (FQBR) beira international airport in Mozambique and i have attached some pics of my progress it is just 2 days of work need to do approximately +- 70 more buildings as i want to make this a high detailed scenery i am at a later stage going to add more details and redesign the terminal to make it more polygon friendly all together this airport so far contains 1566 polys and i should start texturing soon after i complete these buildings
i would still like to add photo scenery
*volumetric grass
*ILS buildings
basically this airport is almost finished and if i knew how to make terrain i would do the terrain around the airport
sorry guys i posted it in the wrong category i was in a rush:eek::confused:


You're doing a great work, about the photoscenery and the terrain, you can find a lot of tutorials in the wiki section
What is it that you are wanting to do?
I just need to finish the buldings and add textures to them and export it to fsx then just add theb photoscenery and voulumetric grass then I just need to test that there is nothing wrong
But I would like to make the terrian for the airport if anyone is intrested pm me please
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back again :D after recintly getting 3ds max i have decided to redesign the entire airport as 3ds max has so much more futures wich gmax hasnt got i have attached some pics of the ground polys in 3ds max that is about 1 days work i have just applied the base polys(runway+taxiways etc) and have many more layers to add to the design still very early stages in the development and still alot to do after the ground polys i will be redesigning the airport terminal and surronding buildings hope you guys like :D and tell me what you think:)
PS:pics of the groud polys in the sim will be posted tommorow


Stew if you need help just let me know,i am also working on a big ground poly in Africa,just to the north of us.

If you do one airport with a ground poly,then all the new ones must have them.Lot of work but no other way.

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hi guys back :)again with an update on beira airport added some more details to the airport including taxilines and buildings i hgave started to model the buildings but have had limited time in the past week do to final exams still alot more details to be added to this airport and i really want to give this airport the make over id deserves:D