P3D v4 Best way to Texture a runway?

I am currently working on FAGM RAND Airport and purchased 10cm per pixel hi quality Satellite Imagery.
I am starting to work on my Runway and aprons and I have 2 options in front of me.

1.The newer method I am seeing, tiling textures cracks and all marks in a map, then building markings on top in a different model.

2.Using the older Method where satellite imagery was applied directly on the Blender model.
But with one big twist, I take my satellite images, push up the pixel rate to where I can get 4K textures with 100 pixels per meter. Then heavily edit and sharpen them.

Method 2 makes more sense to me, because this historic airport’s runways and aprons are so unique tiling will not do it justice. That being said method 2 has a lot of challenges and things I have to figure out.

I think what scares me is working on it for 100s of hours only to hit one big roadblock I can’t get past.
Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
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