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Beta build 1.0.32 now available

The VFR Autogen Addon site now has the latest build of my program - version 1.0.32. This version has a new requested feature that saves any house objects in random order. Seems if you save them as you create them and FS decides not to show them all because of autogen settings or simply the maximum number being reached, that it takes away from the start of the list. If you're like me, you add one section at a time and that results in empty areas if FS excludes a range of numbers. By randomizing their position in the file, it'll pick out some from each area of the screen and look much better. At least that's the plan.

Another feature added is the ability to plop down an object or a set of multiple objects with one of the program's tools, press a new button marked "Last Object Copy". Until the feature is turned off, a left mouse button press on the image places a copy of the object or objects on the screen at the position of the mouse click. I found that my multi-object controls worked really well when creating houses in nice, tightly-packed housing developments but in rural areas where the houses are far apart but all similarly sized, I found myself having to draw lots of tiny boxes. Now I can draw one tiny box, press the button, and place clones of that house whereever I desire with a single button.


Latest version here: http://www.vfraddons.co.uk/artseditor_view.php
GreArt! FantArtstic! I'm inventing new words to describe this...
Seems that you are coming up with solutions as soon as I think of the problem...
...so I'll bring up a couple of points here, in an attempt to stump you.
When loading an already-edited tile, is the display meant to update to show the previously set house/tree types? Mine doesn't, so there no way to take advantage of my carefully-considered choices from a previous session. I need to carefully consider again, which slows me down a bit.
Also, my main use for this so far has been drawing freehand vegetation. Although I can now do this a lot quicker (and now I autogen tiles which I might have skipped in the old days) I find that I'm not good at freehand drawing with a mouse. I'm interested in how others find this. Being old and arthritic (mainly old) I'd imagine that it would be easier for me, and maybe easier for you to code, if we could such click points to define an area, double-click to finish.
The last point, even though I said only a couple, I've forgotten. No, wait. You mentioned is a previous reply that you had given some thought to being able to load a tile directly from the simulator, but that would mean somehow indexing all the agn files. I don't really think this is necessary -- I would think that most of us would work on one project at a time, so it would be simple enough to open your editor, open the appropriate folder, press a button which would obtain the tile name from the simulator and pop it in the Open File name box. If it doesn't exist in the working folder, that could be just reported as such.
Ok, I might have used the word 'simple' when I really meant difficult, but its been 2 decades since I last did any coding, and I assume somehow its got easier in that time:)
Lastly (lastly?, what, again?) is it possible to bypass the request for confirmation when we replace an AGN?
Wooohoooo !!!

So Art strikes again !

That´s why you call it "State of the Art" :)

If you continue like that i will make a shrine in my bureau :D
Thanks one more time , Art !

Greetz from Stuttgart - :wave:

Toprob, actually I was one step ahead of you with the fact that vegetation parameters and building height parameters weren't loading properly with existing .agn file info. I just posted that on the support forum at VFR Addons as a bug report. Fixed it at home but didn't have time to test it fully and upload the version yet.

I have to agree with you about the confirmation message for overwriting a file. It's getting to be a pain in the butt for me too. I had it in for testing when I wasn't sure I was getting the .agn file format perfect. Needed to remind myself to back up things before saving.

Not sure, based on the way I built my fill-in feature of the freehand vegetation tool, that I could change to a different method of setting points. Program relies on lots of points being set for the analysis of borders. I know I could do it in other ways but for now it's going to have to stay the way it is.

As far as slewing around in FS to choose the tile, I'm all for it. As a matter of fact there's forum posts here and on Avsim on exactly that subject with an appeal to Microsoft to give us a bit more info from their SDK's to make it easier to program. It's stirred up a great debate and some wonderful feedback from other scenery designers and software authors.

Art Martin
Enzo, shrines scare me. If I put in a particularly bothersome bug, does it turn into a voodoo doll? Just send me a good bottle of wine instead.

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I'm curious ... if this is your rig ... (or you can play on it) can you pull that center monitor forward about an inch and slide the left and right ones closer to the center causing the sides of the screen to overlap each other and tell me how this looks. I've considering getting 3 AOC screens and doing this but I'm not sure how it'll appear. Doing this should reduce the apparent "frame" by 50%.