BGL Compiling Error

When I attempted to compile a BGL for the stock MKE, I got this:
Parsing document: I:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\KMKE_ADE_CYW.xml

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR:  #C2031: Failed element parse <BoundaryFence>
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR:  #C2032: XML Parse Error!  Element tree follows:
Followed by a whole bunch of stuff.

I ran the fault finder, and apart from two links not being connected (which the stock BGL was like to begin with), it was fine. I'm using 1.05.

You are attempting to compile an SP2 airport with the SP1 SDK. If you have Acceleration, the SP2 SDK is on the DVD, if you downloaded SP2, you will need to download the SDK from FSInsider.