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Hi everyone.

I curse the day that I had to buy a windows 10 computer. Its been 3 weeks and I don't even have all my programs up and running as they should. From getting FSX,GMAX and MODEL CONVERTER resolved. I now have another darn problem. Dropping an XML file onto the BGLcomp. No appearance of an BGL file at all. I have now reinstalled the whole SDK, service pack filles about ten times over. No joy. every time the same problem.

Is there something special I should know when installing the SDK onto windows 10. As I just installed everything onto my work window xp comp and everything works fine.

I also cant believe microsoft company is so pathetic to create a new windows system like 10 that clash with other microsoft programs. When they sell their new windows systems they should advise their buyers to first go on a darn IT masters degree. It's just ridiculous. Can someone help please !!!!
Why don't you run BglComp from a DOS box?

You will see exactly why a bgl file is not being created.

A) Download Arno's "CompileHelper 2.0":

B) Install CompileHelper 2.0 into the FS SDK BGL compiler SDK folder ...or your local 'work' folder

C) Configure CompileHelper 2.0 path to BGLComp.exe under 'Options' per the Manual:

Otherwise one can make a CMD Mode (aka "DOS") Batch file that keeps the error messages from the console on screen for you:

Copy the XML sources, the MDLs, and BGLComp.exe with BGLComp.xsd to the same 'work' folder.

Then make a batch file in that same 'work' folder:

BGLComp.exe My_Objects.XML
Save the text of the batch file as ex: My_Objects.bat, and double-click it.

BGLComp will process the XML source file, then pause, leaving the CMD mode window open.

Any error message can then be seen in the text written out by SDK BGLComp within that "CMD Mode" task session window.

Alternatively, search C:\Windows for cmd.exe, and copy it to your work folder.

Double-click on the cmd.exe icon, and a "DOS" window will open up.

Then type: BGLComp.exe My_Objects.XML

Any error message can then be seen in the text written out by SDK BGLComp within that "CMD Mode" task session window.

FYI: You can use Windows NotePad to create the text above, then save it as a *.BAT file extension so it will act as a 'batch' file:

CAVEAT: When saving one's work in NotePad, one must set the 'Save as type' to "All Files (*.*)" in order for the *.BAT file extension to be used instead of the *.txt file extension utilized by NotePad as a default.

PS: The suggestions above assume you are trying to compile a BGLComp XML-based placement BGL for a 'scenery library' object.

If you instead want to 'package' MDLs inside a BGLComp-XML-type 'scenery library' BGL, use Arno's Library Creator XML utility:

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