BGL file header and endianness

I'm making a library to read BGL files, and in preparation I noticed what seems to be a discrepancy, or at least an ambiguity, in the description of the BGL file format on the wiki.

From the wiki:
0x00 4 - DWORD Magic Number #1 – Must be 0x01, 0x02, 0x92, 0x19 (all FS versions from FS9 to P3Dv4)
Anyway, as I was reading it I had a BGL file from the sim opened in a hex editor to follow along. The first four bytes of the BGL file are those four values--in that order.

The problem is that if you try to read them as a single 32-bit value (as the "Number of bytes" column implies), because they're stored little-endian then 0x01 is the least-significant byte and the value you read will reflect that, putting those four bytes in reverse from the order they're given in (19 92 02 01h). If you read them as four consecutive one-byte values, you'll of course get them in the order specified.

It might be helpful to update the wiki entry to reflect this--it might cause some unnecessary confusion.

The same thing applies to the description of the other magic-number field.
Hmm. My initial intention was to fix it myself when I noticed it, but I couldn't find an option to register an account so I figured it must be locked down (presumably to maintain quality). Guess I need to look harder.