FSX BGL files not showing up

I'm having an issue where my bgl files aren't showing anything in the sim.
So here's what I'm doing. I have huge data sets that I'm wanting to convert into FSX scenery. I started with my water areas. I have everything in shp files a gdb's. I used Global Mapper to convert the shp files into a kml, checked it in GE and then brought it into FSXKML and used to appropriate tags and ran the program. SHP2VEC crashes everytime I run it using FSXKML. I checked the output shp files in Global Mapper and noticed that for every feature in the file it added a vertices at 0,0. I figured this is what was crashing shp2vec so I removed them and ran just the shp file through shp2vector, and everything seemed to work correctly and the bgl was created. I fire up the sim after ensuring the bgl was in the add-on scenery and nothing was showing. I checked the bgl in TMFviewer and it displayed correctly. Not sure what I did wrong. I've done tons of scenery work using this tool but for some reason my bgl files aren't showing up in the sim. Any ideas?
Nop. the files whatever be the format you want to export from GM. to work with Fsx. it's just an observation, sure you know this but you have to change the data to Geographic coordinates (lan long), it's something people forgot usually.
there is a tool to fix the kml vertices problem from google earth, prefsxkml, I think it's the name. can be downloaded from here. I can't check the fles right now, PC is out of order. so I can't help here.
I used this tool on my file and when I checked my shp files there was still vertices at 0,0 so I removed them and re-exported the shp files. It's strange because in the bgl viewer they appear to be correct but for some reason the sim isn't showing them.
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You probably need to zip and attach an example of the shp file and KML file that you are having problems with.

The files look right, I guess the problem is in the exportation from FsxKml, how the files look like in FsxKml ? Maybe the kml file is the key, have you tried make them polygons ?. or what is the tag you have applied to the polygons.Maybe the file is too big I never resample a file with so many ítems, who know.
Try to reverse the vértices, FsxKml have this tricks, it's a good tool, but never know.

You just have to edit the vértices individuallly, place so many vértices as needed and assign his height to each one. you have to see the flatten as a polygon with many segments, the mesh should help, with the bare terrain you take note of the height in a regular spaced points, one thing I noticed is that the data is not very accurate, not match exactly, so it's a Little of trial and error. but work.
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