BGL FS9 OpCodes

I am trying to find the original detailed documentation on FS9 BGL Opcodes. I downloaded BGLC_9 but can't find in the html the detailed explanation

For example, extracted from:

Provides a list textures to use in displaying a 3D object.

Length variable
UINT16 count Number of textures in the list.
UINT32 reserved Reserved variable and MUST BE 0.
TEXTURE texure[] List of textures.

Each TEXTURE contains the following:
UINT32 cat Class/type of texture, see the “Texture category values” section below.
UINT32 color Fallback color (B G R A ).
UINT32 reserved Reserved variable and MUST BE 0.
FLOAT32 texture_size Size in meters of texture, used for mip selection.
STRINGZ tname[64] Texture name ASCIIZ string.

EDIT: Found it at

Question, are these OpCodes still supported by P3D? What has been P3D statement on backwards compatibility?

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After some research, opcodes are supported internally in P3D v3.4.

The only thing I could not make work is the shadow casted on terrain by rendering objects via FS9 instructions.
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