BGL2XML returns no data

I have a scenery bgl file (only 5kb) which I created a couple of years ago and I know what it does (creates a lake with an island for an airport I created) and I don't have the original data files (ADE files) I created which compiled it.
I have tried to import bgl file in ADE which displays nothing so I am trying to decompile it using BGL2XML which creates an XML file only 1kb in size and doesn't seem to have any data.
This is what the output xml file looks like -
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- J:\temp\cvx_SECHELT.BGL disassembled by BglAnalyzeX Sun Oct 09 19:21:55 2016 -->

<FSData version="9.0"


BGLANALAZEX displays that it contains terrain data but also has no data in the output xml file.

How do I decompile it or aren't I understanding something?
Thanks but is this a "beat up". The web site is mostly in Russian and when I click on Download nothing happens.
BTW I in my first message I incorrect typed BGLANALAZEX instead of BGLANALYZE which is what your link is for.
Thanks Bambi,

No I downloaded but it too doesn't result in anything in the output xml file.

I have now found that I myself created the .bgl file and I did so using SBUILDERX. I found some project files (for SBuilderX) which didn't have the same name as my bgl file but similar. I had completely forgotten that I created the bgl as that happened 3 years ago to create some scenery to exclude scenery and build an ocean with different coastlines and some ISLANDS.
It is still very strange that the bgl file doesn't seem to want to be decompiled.
Anyway now that I know what the bgl file is for I won't pursue this anymore.
Thanks for your help.


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Those SBX (and ADE CVX) files are in a completely different format which the typical BGL tools cannot decompile.
Thanks Tom. That explains why I could not decompile maybe also why I couldn't import the (SBX) blg file into ADE even after I enlarged the airport area to enable the import).

BTW Tom, I see you are from San Diego. What is the usual weather there in April? I will be driving Anaheim to Albuquerque.
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April (and March) in San Diego are some of our most unpredictable months.

It can be:

Cloudy mornings/clear afternoons (like May Gray and June Gloom)
Rain (like February)
Beautiful (like any month of the year can be)

It also depends on where you are in the county. The beach can get quite cold and drizzly, while inland can be bright and sunny.

One thing - don't expect beach weather in April - that happens much later in the summer. However a Santa Ana can come along and suddenly it's 90 degrees at the beach, but that's relatively rare in the winter/spring.