P3D v4 Birds air Route Puttgarden<->Rødbyhavn with EKMB Maribo Airport

Now that the Alster scenery is finished and published, I'm already working on my next project for P3D V4. It is the ferry link between the German Baltic island Fehmarn and the Danish island Lolland. The project includes the two ports of Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn and of course the ferries operating between these ports.

At the moment I'm working on Rødbyhavn. Although I have good photos of almost all the buildings and facilities of the port, I still lack detailed photos of the station and the ferry terminals. So if anyone reading this and lives in or near Rødbyhavn and has photos of the station and ferry terminals, I would be very grateful if he could provide them.

Here are some pictures of the current state of development. At the moment only the western harbor area is developed, the eastern one follows in the next days and weeks. After that I would like to build the station and the ferry terminals if I can get the photos from anyone.

Rødbyhavn overview at day

Rødbyhavn overview at night

Rødbyhavn port entrance at night

Rødbyhavn mole restaurants

Rødbyhavn western port area

Rødbyhavn EON building

Rødbyhavn oil storage 1

Rødbyhavn oil storage 2

Rødbyhavn smoke house at day

Rødbyhavn smoke house at night

Rødbyhavn ship yard

Rødbyhavn stores
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You will need to hurry with this before they build the tunnel :D Unfortunately I live at the other end of Denmark so no pictures.
Hello Henrik, I think the tunnel will take any more years until the politicians come to an agreement :D and then years to finish.


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Aren't there lines to other harbors as well? I faintly remember travelling directly from Puttgarden to Gothenburg ten years ago.

No comment on gigantomaniac construction projects. :ziplip:

P.S: What about Sassnitz?
From Puttgarden you can only go to Rodbyhavn. To Gothenburg you only start from Kiel.
The ports of Rostock and Sassnitz will come later. One after the other. There is still so much to do on the coasts of the world ;)
Hello Henrik, I think the tunnel will take any more years until the politicians come to an agreement :D and then years to finish.
Yes, you might have a fair chance of finishing first... Had it been in China though you would have been under pressure... Take a look at the new Hong Kong - Macau - Zhuhai bridge... three years and truely impressive
There are the first steps to announce on the eastern quay of the Rødbyhavn port. The first buildings are now also here. In addition to the harbor administration building at the top of the east quay, the first grain silo with the ship loading bridge and the weighing house with the truck weightbirdge are already here.

Here are two pictures:

Easter quay by day

Easter quay at night

More pictures coming soon
Today, the rough development of the eastern quay in Rødbyhavn has been completed by adding the 2nd grain silo and associated warehouses. In addition, I have already added the street lighting in the harbor area. Next is the area around the station and then the ferry terminals.

Here the current view by day ....

and here at night with street lighting.

More pictures from the development soon!
There are still a few months left until the release of the scenery, but work on Rødbyhavn continues. Now the station of Rødbyhavn is finished in its first stage. Although there are still no trains, trucks, cars and whatever else belongs to a train station but the buildings, platforms and lighting are now ready.
Here are a few pictures of the current state of development.

First, here are two render images of the station building with the bridge crossing to the ferry terminal ......

...... and here is the station in the P3D V4.1 by day and with dynamic lighting at night:

Finally, an overview of the Rødbyhavn scenery for the current state from 29.11.2017

Next, the ferry terminals and terminal bridges that connect to the station are being built. Pictures will follow as soon as they are finished.
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Again, Rødbyhavn has become richer by a few buildings. These are the hotel "Stop and Sleep" and the directly adjacent Statoil petrol station.

Here are the pictures:
Hotel "Stop and Sleep" by day ...

...and by night:

Here is the Statoil gas station by day ....

...and by night:

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By the end of 2017, the construction phase of Robyhavn has now been completed. Now only the hard-winter textures have to be created and some AI vehicles, which enliven the harbor area with traffic. At the moment I have 3 vehicles (a tractor with trailer, a seafood van and a Coca-Cola truck - pictures coming soon) for which I'm currently creating the routes. Possibly 1-2 more vehicles will be added.

Here are some pictures of Rodbyhavn getting ready.

Here's the ticket counter for the ferrys:

Overview of the parking areas:

Rodbyhavn railway station with train:

Rodbyhavn pedestrian bridge:

Rodbyhavn view from the west, with EON Heli-Deck:

Rodbyhavn overview:

Rodbyhavn view from the east:

Now it goes to the development of the ferry port Puttgarden.
And again there is a trifle of innovations in Rodbyhavn.

In cooperation with Henrik Nielsen the static ships in the harbor, which can still be seen in the previous pictures, have now been replaced by Henrik's ships. In the course of this only a few of Henrik's smal trawlers are static. The remaining ships were equipped with appropriate routes for Rodbyhavn and will liven up the scene as AI Ship Traffic (in addition to the upcoming ferries). In addition, I have equipped the ships with dynamic lights.

A few problems give me the AI ground traffic. While one of the vehicles works flawlessly and reliably in the scenery, the other two do not really want to. Incidentally, I also equipped these AI Ground Vehicles with dynamic headlights, which looks very realistic.

Pictures will follow soon!
Here now some pitures of the AI ships and ground vehicles with dynamic lights:

First Henriks fishing boat "Conni"

here Henriks bulk "Samka"

The Rodbyhaven "Coke Truck"

The seafood lorry:

and the tractor:

It is great to see these models come to life with new light in realistic surroundings :D Now you just need to add the smell of fish...