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MSFS Bizarre parking issue, (AI aircraft), after modifying airport.

While working on an airport, (parking spaces specifically), a very interesting thing happened. After I compiled my airport and moved it into the Community folder, I launched a "test" flight. The blue / white striped aircraft was parked at its gate at the start of the "flight" AND it is parked in the correct direction of the parking gate that I modified. There are taxi paths in line with the blue / white aircraft and connected to this parking spot.

Eventually the orange and white plane landed, then taxied using the original MSFS taxi path and (WHERE THERE ARE NO EXISTING TAXI PATHS in my version) into the parking spot exactly 90 degrees from which the "new" parking gate faces. The taxi path and parking that the orange / white plane parked is the ORIGINAL parking and taxi space (direction) prior to my modification!

I did not totally wipe out the original airport and start from scratch. I've only modified the parking spaces / taxi paths on the existing airport in an attempt to correct the parking spaces at the main terminal.

Did I overlook or miss something? Was there more I should have done in that "area" to wipe out the original taxi / parking spaces other than deleting and creating new ones? Is this a known issue?



Bizarre parking issue.jpg
Do you have GSX installed by any chance. If so, your airport needs to be excluded in the GSX settings. The bgls that come with GSX use the default parking scheme
No, I do not have GSX. Didn’t know it existed until you mentioned it!

But I do have FS Traffic I believe. Probably follows the same rules.

Thanks for your input
It seems extremely likely you are seeing two versions of the same airport.