FSX Black and White Image comes out red after resample

I have a USGS Digital Ortho-quad (DOQ) that I'd like to use in FSX and ADEX as a background image for template purposes. Thanks to helpful threads on fsDeveloper, I've successfully re-projected the GeoTiff from NAD83 to the proper WGS84 datum. Using a simple .inf sample which Arno posted in another thread, I've successfully run the resulting .tif through the FSX resampler, and the resulting BGL file is placed correctly in the sim.

The problem I'm having, is that the DOQ is black and white (I need an old version for a period airport), and the output BGL file shows as a dark red hue (you can still see the photo details) in both the TFM viewer and in the sim. I thought it might have something to do with the NULL value, so I tried to resample a second time with that line out of the .inf file, though with the same results. My questions are 1: Can you resample a black and white image using the resample tool? and 2, can anyone tell me the correct way to do this? I've read the SDK, and can't seem to find an answer for this specific problem. I've included a screen shot from the TFM viewer, and the .inf file below.

By the way, this B&W image will be used only for template purposes in properly locating objects. It will not be used for the final ground terrain imagery.




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Try converting your source to RGB 24bit and re-resample it.

Remove the (white FFFFFF) null value
Thank you very much, hcornea. This fixed the problem nicely.

For others having a similar issue, I used FWTools to save the GeoTIFF tag data (a .gtf file which has the GIS information), then used Paint Shop Pro to convert my original reprojected grayscale tif file to 24 bit RGB tif. Upon saving that image, you lose the original geospatial data (despite saving as a TIF). However, having saved the .gtf file prior to editing the image, you can use FWTools to recompose a new GeoTIFF (add the tag data back into your edited image). This is well explained in the GeoTIFF file creation with GDAL document in the FSDeveloper.com wiki: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=GeoTIFF_file_creation_with_FwTools

Thanks again hcornea, and all who add knowledge and information here at FSDeveloper!



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If you don't want to use GDAL to add the geospatial metadata back to your file after modifying it, I made a utility (link) that can save you the trouble. Just give it the original image (after re-projecting, before editing), and it'll save an INF file with the positional data for the resample tool.
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