Black lines extruding from vertices after editing in 3DS Max

After a lot of confusion regarding importing and converting files with ModelConverterX, I have finally managed to obtain a somewhat-working representation in 3D Max of an object I am using in the sim. Unfortunately after moving things where I need them to be and exporting in 3D Max, I see odd black lines extruding from what seems to be the normal of vertices.

What previously had looked like this in ModelConveterX upon testing [import MDL (ModelConveterX) -> export FBX (ModelConveterX) -> import FBX (3DS Max) -> ~make no edits, only for conversion testing~ export FBX (3DS Max) -> import FBX (modelConveterX)]:

now looks like this after making some edits in 3DS Max:

What gives? I assume there are some settings I need to change somewhere when exporting for better compatibility.
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Oh wow, I'm really stupid. That's just the option to "display normals". No wonder why I thought they looked normal to the vertecies.

I'm really dumb. I deleted the whole project because of this. Woopsies!