Black screen when running FSX

I now have a black screen on initial aircraft selection screen and on screen when FSX is running. Everything else seems to be working behind the black screens. This occurred after updating the AMD graphics driver but I am not sure that is the problem. Troubleshooting performed: restored computer to time when driver was working, uninstalled and reinstalled copies of driver that was working and new driver, redid shader files, checked FSX.cfg, erased FSX.cfg let FSX creat new .cfg file. I also noticed that my current installation has no "preview DirectX 10" option. This option was previously available.

I have searched several FSX forums and found other posts with this problem. None of the fixes recommended have worked. I though FSX developers might be more familiar with graphics programing in FSX. I am trying to exhaust all sources before uninstalling/reinstall FSX and Addons. Should it come to that, any guidance on repair FSX option and/or proper way to uninstall/reinstall FSX would also be welcomed.

Thank you for any help you may provide.


Asrock Z97M OC Formula MB, lntel i7-4790 CPU@4.00GHz, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB, AMD RX 580 8GB Graphics Card , Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit, FSX Boxed Gold Edition with Acceleration
I use laptop with discreet graphic card.
as long as I remember the issue i have is on P3D v4. the issue is came from graphic driver, so far I only can get 2 version of Nvidia driver could run P3D in my system.