Blender 2.8 setup for FSX


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I am a user of GMAX for my developments for scenery models and aircraft models. I am now looking for an alternative 3D tool to use it for FSX model addon developments. So, I thought that
Blender may be the tool for me. I downloaded and installed Blender 2.8 with no problems on my Windows 10 system. As next I looked for a plugin to interface with FSX means to generate a mdl file
out of Blender. So I found the toolset Blender2FSX/P3D version 0.9.5 as the latest which I am not sure if it is the correct one for Blender 2.8. Anyway I tried to install it for Blender 2.8 even I have not found a description/tutorial on how to do it. So I followed instructions for integrating the toolset for Blender 2.79 which I am not sure to got it correct. I got it so far that Blender showed me this result:


As you see it tells me to upgrade to 2.8 which I am already on. So I think the toolset is not correct installed or the toolset is still just for Blender 2.7xx .

So my questions are this:

1. The toolset ! What is the correct toolset for Blender 2.8 and how is the install procedure ?
2. How do I get to interface with the FSX SDL XMLdef library with Blender ?

All in all I found a lot of tutorials/Documents on how to use and start with Blender 2.8, but could not found any hep/info for my questions above. May be I have something overseen ?
Thanks fo any help in advance.

the version name is not correct
2.8 is not 2.79+0.1
is more like Blender 3.0

all change so actual tool for 2.x series not work

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Thanks for your reply. I understand what you are proposing, but it is not my intention to move to an old Blender Version which will be phased out soon and looks very much different as V2.8. If the toolset for 2.8 does not exist up to now, I am just going to wait and see. May be things are looking also very different with the upcoming FS2020. May be I just waste my time trying to learn Blender.



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The Blender2FSXP3D Toolset was written for Blender v2.79b. There isn't a toolset for Blender v2.80 or later at this time. Concerning what FS2020 will use as for an SDK, no one can answer that.

If you have the know and or will to write in python for a new toolset, or anyone else does for that matter... by all means do so.
Hopefully the tool for blender 2.80 will come out soon since Steam has automatedly upgrade Blender to 2.80.