Blender not exporting 2nd UV channel for detail map


FSDevConf team
Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue that I'm a bit stumped by. In working on a new technique for adding baked AO to my models for P3D4.4, I'm trying to use the new ability of P3D to assign a second UV channel for detail maps to my objects. I did a simple test with two UV channels; one for the diffuse texture, and one for the detail (AO in this case) map. I set up both channels in Blender, each with their own UV space, and set my detail map to use channel 2. However, in P3D I'm only seeing my diffuse map, not my detail. In MCX, I see both materials applied using UV channel 1.

I checked the .x file and I only see one entry for UV map, so it looks like maybe the second map channel isn't being exported. Does anyone with deeper knowledge of the exporter have a clue what might be happening? Or for that matter, has anyone successfully used a second UV channel for a model yet?