Blender2FSX/P3D (v0.9.5 onwards)

I have updated Blender2P3D scripts. These should be incorporated into the main program branch

v 0.9.5 adds the ability to use P3D SDK v1.4 I basically updated 0.9.4 -(ii) to 0.9.5. This file attached will be available here until it is merged into @MANOCHVARMA RAMAN main branch.


Edit : FOUND BUG HOLD OFF downloading

Edit (2019-07-20 7:20 EASTERN DAYLIGHT) - ok new upload
Thank you Ronh! I have updatated the thread to v0.9.5


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Is anyone working on getting P3Dv4 PBR material support in the script? Just curious. And of course, it looks like Blender 2.80 is about to hit the streets as a full release.


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Yes,... Though not sure when the script will be done. Blender v2.80 release was delayed a bit... (as of last week they were saying in 2 weeks).
Is anyone working on getting P3Dv4 PBR material support in the script? Just curious. And of course, it looks like Blender 2.80 is about to hit the streets as a full release.
The toolset will be updated to support PBR but for time being it is safe to wait for the upcoming P3D version. There are still some parts in a single model need to have a combined material settings [native and PBR material settings (Ex: an Aircraft model: the windshield has native P3D v4.3 or below material settings while outer parts of model is PBR)]. So, a full PBR model material settings haven't been release yet by LM, therefore, many things might get changed soon on the upcoming release (maybe P3D v5). So, I feel it is safe to wait until the release.

If anyone has good knowledge on Blender 2.8, maybe you can show the comparisons (related with our Flight Simulator development usage), example, the Influence tab in Texture Panel couldn't be found in Blender 2.8 anymore. So, where does that setting gone? I need some of these kind of info to look for the changes on the toolset scripts.
With the release of Blender v2.80 today, I hope that the development of Blender2FSXP3D can continue and we can probably hope for a compatible version in the near future.
There's a couple of things that need to change to the scripts. With Blender 2.80, they changed the way addons register within the program. Furthermore, the toolshelf is gone, so the functions that set up the ui need to be adapted as well. o_O
Hi everyone,

I am glad to inform that the update of the Blender2FSX/P3D is here now. After viewing message from Kris (here) stating he is facing some health issues and not been able to do much more on the Blender2FSX/P3D tool-set, I have tried to continue developing the toolset. I would like to thank you @krispy1001 for developing such a great tool. I hope he will return to develop this soon with good health.
Hello Sir, Are you considering the upgrade for the Blender 2.80?????
I'm also eagerly awaiting an 2.8 update/upgrade of the fantastic blender2fsx :). Just a question: Will an possibly updated tool be based on Eevee or on Cycles (or maybe both)? I'm asking because I've been doing most (scenery) modelling work already in 2.79 with Cycles and exported the models via a workaround through blender2fsx. Some weeks ago I switched completely to 2.8, still working with Cycles and currently exporting obj files and doing the rest of work with MCX. Btw., there is a really great new addon called 'SimpleBake' for 2.8 that allows baking PBR setups (also from multiple materials per object) to the respective maps in one go, but it is restricted to Cycles.

dave hoeffgen

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For working with cycles one probably has to code an FSX/P3D shader with all the setings and all texture maps directly connected for it to work and export correctly. The plus side might be a complete Cycles/Eevee based WYSIWYG rendering.
Sounds like it's possible but a lot of work.
Meanwhile the v4 PBR shader could be a simple derivative of the principled BSDF.
Hello Manochvarma

Love this tool - much thanks. I believe I have found a bug concerning Visibility Tags. It seems that I am unable to see all the visibility tags when using this tool. I don't think they are missing because I can type a letter in the dropdown page and a missing tag will populate and I can attach but I just have no way of getting the visibility tag I want. Specifically l_tire_blurred_key under P3d v3 SDK. When I type 'L' l_tire_still_key shows up but both of these options are not available from the drop down. Also I notice when editing the modeldef.xml that any PartInfo additions for visibility seems to overwrite existing option on the dropdown list.

Anyway to workaround this?

Much thanks again for this wonderful tool