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I just recently started using this Blender2FSX/P3D tool in an attempt to create a Sim Object to import into Prepar3D. I was able to create and texture the object in Blender while following the steps listed on page one of this thread. When I spawn the Sim Object and view it in P3D though, I can see my model but it is all black without the texture appearing. I have made sure to include my model where the other Sim Objects are in Program Files/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v4/SimObjects/Misc. I have a base folder in there with a model folder, a texture folder, and a sim.cfg file. In the model folder I have my .mdl file and a model.cfg file. In my texture folder I have a texture.cfg file as well as my two image files (diffuse and bump). My texture image files were converted from bmp files to dds using ImageTool and I made sure to change the format to DXT 5 before saving it as a dds. My model is still showing up completely black. Does anybody have an idea of how I might be able to fix this and make my texture appear on the object?

It will be helpful to diagnose if you can attach the files here.
Here are the files I'm using. The Berm folder is the one that is stored in the P3D SimObjects/Misc folder and then there is the Blender file itself. The bmp images I'm using are attached in the second folder.


Here are the files I'm using. The Berm folder is the one that is stored in the P3D SimObjects/Misc folder and then there is the Blender file itself. The bmp images I'm using are attached in the second folder.

Sorry for late reply.

I found your problem. Please change the following details on your:

sim.cfg file as follows:
texture=1 to texture=


texture.cfg file as follows:
Here is your model with texture after done the correction:


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forgive me if this has been covered, but does this work in Blender 2.82?
Hello TB,

The "toolset" doesn't not work with Blender v2.82. The "toolset" is for Blender v2.79b Only.
If you need to download v2.79b I can give you a link to it.
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Hi everyone,

After a long time, @Vitus has take initiative to update the toolset to a newer version which support both FSX/P3D v1-v4.3 (Specular material) and P3D-PBR (v.4.4 and above). He has made a tremendous improvement to the new toolset. Thank you for that!

Newer version of the toolset has been released for testing purpose. You may find the information here:
For your information, this toolset only supported for newer versions of Blender 2.8 onwards. So, those who have not migrate to the newer version, you may continue using Blender2FSX/P3D (v0.9.5 onwards) which is found on the first post of this thread. I would like to suggest that everyone should upgrade to the newer version of Blender 2.8 and start using the new toolset because it makes us easier in scenery development.
Hi .
I have a question for MANOCHVARMA RAMAN: Could you implement the option to create Empty Attach Point for Catapult/Arrestor Operations in Blender2FSX/P3D?
The points are:
I even created a separate topic "Catapult/Arrestor Operations", but the lack of response indicates that it is not possible in the current version of Blender2FSX/P3D.
Without these points, it is not possible to make a fully functioning aircraft carrier in Blender.
In the 3DS version it looks like this:

Here is a description of the use of these points:
Best regards.
Hi @kowal5376,

Regarding your request, I think Vitus was able to make it success on the newer version of toolset (refer post #169 to download the newer version).

A reply from him as follows:
The empty attach points should be possible now. You can create an empty attach point, you just have to give it a name. And if the carrier mechanics is looking for defined keywords, simply use those. I didn't want to use a dropdown or any other pre-defined list, because there might be a case of people wanting to use the attachpoint for something we haven't even thought of and need to give them their own name.


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Hi @kowal5376,

Regarding your request, I think Vitus was able to make it success on the newer version of toolset (refer post #169 to download the newer version).

A reply from him as follows:
@kowal5376: I am also currently updating the wiki about this particular issue, I should be done writing soon. I think the way the attachpoints are integrated now should solve your particular issue, but please let me know if that's not the case!

I have a small suggestion, it would be really nice if we could
save settings that are applied to the materials.

Copying and pasting a material setting is not the solution for
FSX / P3D settings in Blender.

For example in MCX, we create a template or we
save a setting:

View attachment 42486

Then just apply a saved setting:

View attachment 42487

I hope that it will be possible
Thank you very much for taking in hand this magic tool :)

Good luck,
Hi @FSX3D ,

I have talked about your request to Vitus and he says he don't think will apply this feature on the newer toolset.
The reason is that this is basically just needed for Specular material, because it's so freakin' complicated. PBR is rather simple - transparency in PBR seems to be rather simple too. So why waste time with old technology that will die anyway :)
I felt what he says is absolutely correct. People are switching to newer technology and it might make less people creating scenery work for older technology/simulator. Therefore, I would like to convey my apologies to you that I couldn't full fill your wish on this part. Very sorry for it.
Thank you

but I proposed this for the old method in blender 2.79 ...

But it's nice not to have forgotten it :)
I have recorded most of the features the scenery developers suggested in this thread in a word document so that I won't forget about it and will be easier for me to refer it next time during the upgrade process.

Yes, I understand your requested this feature for the old toolset version. I have shared the to do list to Vitus since he took over initiative to update the toolset to support Blender 2.8+. So, the older version toolset will not be updated after this because the latest Blender version has many improved and new features which I feel it is easier for the designer to do their work. Off course the migration process might take sometime to understand the location of certain buttons and feature changes from Blender 2.79 to Blender 2.8. Myself too had some difficulties during the migration period but now I feel Blender 2.8 make our life easier. So, I would suggest you to look at it too and use the latest upgraded version of the toolset. :)
So there I am 100% agree with you and I am already well familiar with version 2.80 :)

Thanks again for listing one of my wishes, I'm working
only on landscapes but on certain surfaces
I will come back to use PBR textures :)

Strength and courage at Vitus, You can put a button
for a contribution!

Take your time CaptX must be proud too;)

And as always thanks to fsdeveloper !!!


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After installing/activating load up Blender and press the N key,... what shows up on your end?

Edit: He might have to sign-in to the wiki if he hasn't done so as of yet... which mean he might be delayed in looking at the wiki ( just thought of it - since it is a new login process) in the meantime, this is what you should see after pressing the N key.

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