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Blender Blender2P3DFSX encounter a problem with MDL export but not with X export

I encounter a strange problem when trying to compile a plane under Blender2P3D/FSX in order to obtain an MDL.
If I export this model by asking for an MDL, I get an error and the X file produced does not seem to be FSX compliant (dixit the log and MCX).
If I export the model in X and then with MCX I compile an MDL in P3D v5 format then there the MDL is well produced and it is perfectly visible under P3D v5 HF2.

For the details:
- i works with Blender 2.83.2 and Speedtool plugin from C. Lepillier (WAZOU RMB menu)
- the modeling is quite advanced and I created a Grey material that is assigned to all parts (mode specular)
- each element has been checked and its scale is 1.
- the toolset is manually finded and the modeldef.xml also
- for the moment I have no animation.

The ZIP file contains a log file withe two exports: 1) to hn-433.x and 2) to hn-433.MDL and an blend file (fuselage) which have this problem.


  • HN-433.zip
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Resource contributor
Hi Didier,
I tried exporting your model and it caused no problems. So I'm not quite sure what problem this model has on your setup. The only idea I got is that of the regional settings. If you're using the comma sign as decimals, try changing those to the American full stop and try again.
Since FS4.x each PC mounted by me is configured American full stop (dot as decimal separator) I just checked in case but this one is OK .
I have made a test with GastonJ example (fuselage.blend and his PBR material). I load his work and suppress his fuselage to append my hn-433 as obj. Then I try to compile with PBR material and I succeed perfectly :oops:

Perhaps it's in my specular material that I have a problem ...Well, I will created PBR materials and go ahead. At least I'm reassured about the 3D model :cool:
Thanks Vitus for your answer ;)