Blending airports into custom terrain

I am a few weeks into creating 10-meter mesh scenery for the United States (free and available at the link in my signature) and before I get too much further into the massive project, I would like to see if there is a way to get rid of the massive grade differences between the new scenery and the airport flatten polygon. It's not nearly as noticeable in flat areas, but some airports sit 100 feet or so above the surrounding terrain. It's especially an eyesore at larger airports like Lambert International in St. Louis, Mo.

I don't mind making a few custom airports here and there, but a million or so airports would take me about 15 lifetimes before users would have something that looks as good during takeoff/landing as it does from the air. Is there a certain program or series of steps I could take that would marry the edges somehow seamlessly? Any help would be tremendously appreciated!
Hi Chris:

Sometimes if a OP does not receive replies to a thread on a timely basis, it is because others do care, but are not quite yet ready to address a task they know is going to be complex and time consuming to explain.

There are a number of ways to do what you need- and want- to do, but all are rather involved.

Changing terrain in the vicinity of airports also requires changing airport infrastructure, approach code, and AFAIK, AI and Ground Vehicle Traffic code.

The learning curve for achieving those tasks semi-automatically via custom coded utility functions would itself be rather time consuming.

A CVX vector-based "Airport Elevation Correction" consisting of sloped flattens to blend existing default CVX vector flat / level 'central' airport boundary / background flattens into the surrounding terrain would only be the beginning of the task, and IMHO, if all the other parts of the entire task were not also completed, it would be the beginning of a "world of hurt" in negative feedback from FS end users.

This is the dilemma terrain mesh developers face, and user reviews make / break product popularity.

My available free time is necessarily committed to a number of personal matters for the next week or so, but perhaps later I may get a chance to explain a bit more what the above options might involve. :)

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... if a OP does not receive replies to a thread on a timely basis, it is because others do care ...
No doubt. The folks here (you especially) have been so tremendously helpful and I am in no rush whatsoever. Plus almost everything I am asking about is on a gargantuan scale. Everyone has a million other things to do and I mostly wanted the peace of mind of knowing that after making significant progress in my high resolution terrain project that I wouldn't have to start completely over.

Boy, Gary, things look so good that I don't even mind the plateau airports. Except when your taildragger catches the dropoff of a taxiway and then you accidentally plummet to the bottom of an inescapable hole during your test run.