Hi folks - can anyone point me at a link where I can download the BLNMARKER tool ? Alternatively can anyone send me a copy if, as I believe, it is freeware ?

Thanks !
Hi Dick:

My belated post of May 3rd, 2011 to (your ? thread) AVSIM Scenery Design Forum may help you successfully access that utility: :duck:

FYI: One must also download "shapelib.dll" for that utility to work: ;)

BTW: It would also be nice to have BLNMARKER available here in FS Developer's download section.

Perhaps one of the Admins here could inquire about permission to do that from "jcboliveira" aka José Oliveira ? :idea:

FYI: IIRC that tool was first discussed here:

Hope this helps ! :)

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Hi Gary - you'e right, that is my thread ! For some reason I wasn't notified of your latest post. I'll follow the instructions you posted there and if I have any follow-up questions I will post them there.

Many thanks !