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FS2004 Blue BGL .asm tweak?

Hey guys maybe you can help answer this question that I have plaguing me. This photo below is of the KSMF scenery from a developer at Project Opensky.


I'm assuming this is BGL Lights, or a halo.bmp? If I am correct then how would you go about changing the color to a taxiway edge blue in the .asm file? With the help of Jim he taught me how to make the light successfully, just wondering how to change the color if it is at all possible.

Here is the code I used.

    db  'R','I','F','F'				; RIFF file identifier
    dd  bgl_data_end - $ - 4		    ; size of RIFF data
    db  'M','D','L','9'				; file identifire (FS9 model)

    db  'M','D','L','H'
    dd  visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
    dd  visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
    dd  0
    dd  0
    dd  2
    dd  0
    dd  0
    dd  156
    db  'F','S','8','0'
    dd  2304
visual_model_header_end  label dword

    db  'I','S','F','T'   
    dd  ver_end - $ - 4  
    db  "BGLC_9",0
ver_end label word       

bounding_box_riff_start	label	word
    db  'B','B','O','X'   
    dd  bounding_box_riff_end - $ - 4
    real4  -100.000, -100.000, -100.000  
    real4  100.000, 100.000, 100.000  
bounding_box_riff_end label word       

model_outside    label    BGLCODE
model_shadow label BGLCODE
model_inside  label    BGLCODE
exterior_riff_start_0 label BGLCODE
    db  'E','X','T','E'   
    dd  exterior_riff_end_0 - $ - 4
LOD_0L    label    BGLCODE

LIGHT_NAV_beta_top label BGLCODE

bgl_riff_start_LIGHT_NAV_beta	label	BGLCODE
    db	'B','G','L',' '
    dd	bgl_riff_end_LIGHT_NAV_beta - $ - 4

; Alpha
LIGHT_NAV_beta_Alpha label BGLCODE
    BGL_CALL_32 LIGHT_NAV_beta_MasterScale_1        ; Node 1 - MasterScale

LIGHT_NAV_beta_MasterScale_1 label BGLCODE

    IFIN1 nolight, tod, 2, 4
    BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0FFABABABh, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ; Color is AB AB AB (rgb)
    nolight label word  

bgl_riff_end_LIGHT_NAV_beta	label	BGLCODE
exterior_riff_end_0	label	BGLCODE

shadow_riff_start_0 label BGLCODE
  db 'S','H','A','D' 
  dd shadow_riff_end_0 - $ - 4

Kill_Shadow_top label BGLCODE
bgl_riff_start_Kill_Shadow label BGLCODE
  db 'B','G','L',' '
  dd bgl_riff_end_Kill_Shadow - $ - 4

LOD_0_Kill_Shadow label BGLCODE

bgl_riff_end_Kill_Shadow label BGLCODE
shadow_riff_end_0 label BGLCODE

bgl_data_end label     BGLCODE

Thanks, Ryan


Staff member
Resource contributor
BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0FFABABABh, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ; Color is AB AB AB (rgb)

FF is alpha, so don't worry about this. AB AB AB should be the hex values for Red Green and Blue.

try 0FF0000FFh, and see if it is Blue.