P3D v4 Boeing 247- does any FSX Native exist?

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A question I am afraid , I can answer myself negatively

Is any FSX Native conversion of the JBK Boeing 247 existing ?
or any of them in the works ( could even help on effects and gauges )?

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(from Manfred Jahn's TEAM)

I had to move from FSX to P3DV4 -->so only FSX native as a minimum work
Searched everywhere-->nothing
So I thought I ask her as it was my often flown plane in FSX ( the Connies and DC2-DC3 are fine)

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This is due to the regional settings. The decimal delimiter needs to be changed from "," (Komma) to "." (Punkt).

From mobile hence short
Good evening,

This model seems to be an FS9 model (created in 2006) that has also been ported to FSX.
The 3D modeling is quite poor and is not at the standard of what can be expected from a current model in 2019. Reviewing it to make a P3D model is a work that is likely to be quite fast as it is not examined in detail: for exemple, the VC is based only on 2D gauges and details are very poor.
Since reading this post, I have searched on Internet for documents detailing this aircraft and have compiled a fairly good documentation to improve it and bring it up to current standards.
This is a project that I am interested in and that I should be able to start next year since I would be 100% available: I finish my actual job of Ingeneer in December.
Dear Tom

WOW Calclassic boss himself

The D would be very bright, as it has more available repaints , and looks a bit more modern

But any based on JBK Model would be wonderful

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I'm just going to convert the model; you can do anything else required (JBK's planes usually work fine after conversion).

model or model.late?
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Just I am 2 weeks abroad

Fiest test takes a bit of time-but I promis to beef up what I can