FSX Bornholm - yet another update!

Hi all, I'm working on yet another update (after my 2012 update) to my Bornholm scenery, initially released in april 2011! Bornholm Airport EKRN, RNN is situated on the Danish Baltic sea island of Bornholm, just south of Sweden. I am almost finished with the airport and moving the focus to the city of Rønne soon. Here are the latest screenshots from the airport and its surroundings. New terminal building, new airport vehicles, volumetric grass, bushes, lots of trees added. New runway textures, danish GA static aircrafts, farms near the airport added, more buildings in Arnager town - and much more ... New Nordic scenery for FSX!

For more information on this airport, please visit my Bornholm X product page: http://www.vidandesign.com/bornholm.html

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Thanks! A small update on my Bornholm scenery. I have been working on the city of Rønne (the main city on the island) scenery recently. Here are some up to date screenshots. "Bornholm X" is an update to my Bornholm Airport scenery initially released in 2011: http://www.vidandesign.com/bornholm.html

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Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind comments. I'm glad that you like the scenery. I hoping for a release in the near future.