P3D v4 Brize Norton (EGVN)

So I'm almost ready for the initial release of my Brize Norton scenery! Still have a few more ground polys to add then a bit of polishing, but might be ready by the end of the week. I'll post previews from the sim when it's done.

The initial release won't include the new large hangar that was recently constructed, nor will it include a custom terminal, plus some more GP's will be added at a later date, but I feel it is ready for a V.1 release. It will be compatible with FSX and P3D V4.


Here's what will be included in the V.1.1 update after the prior release:

• Custom Passenger terminal
• Photoreal scenery surrounding the immediate area around the airport
• Custom autogen on the photoreal scenery
• More ground polys
• Custom made hangar that was recently constructed
• AI Flights to places such as Akrotiri and Espargos
V1.0 Release. There is still buildings missing and all, but I want some first impressions to make sure all is good before continuing. Should be compatible with P3D V4, but I haven't tested in P3D V4.


JacobTheFox, I just searched through the UKMil site and couldn't find a Brize scenery, is it a WIP!

You shouldn't give on your work, yours in the end could be the best on the block, who knows, I hope you continue the development !!!
EDIT: Hold up I just realised the UKMIL one isn't actually a scenery, so nevermind. I just don't like doing things that others have already done so I was a little disheartened when I thought I found a different scenery. Nevermind! :D
Alright, so I went to edit this scenery for the first time in forever, and it figures that I can't find my ADE file for the airport, so I'm going to be starting a new version exclusively for P3D V4. I will also be livestreaming the development on my Twitch, so hopefully that'll keep me motivated to finish the project.

Here's my twitch link: