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FSX Bug with XML code generated by FSXKML

FSX KML v1.10 Beta (apparently it never left beta state)

I have a problem with my scenery, in particular I used Pin objects (not polygons or polylines) to place scenery objects from the library (does not appear to work).

When I selected the object in my KML list I then looked at the XML shown for that object on the XML tab on the right and found this:

<Placemark xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2">
	<name>Antenna 3</name>
		<gx:altitudeMode xmlns:gx="http://www.google.com/kml/ext/2.2">relativeToSeaFloor</gx:altitudeMode>

One of the items shown on the properties is a checkbox "Altitude is AGL" and when I looked at the generated XML code I see that it has been improperly generated, the AltitudeIsAgl=True is (I presume) an attribute of the Description element and in the generated XML it has been improperly placed as text within the description. This should have looked like this

<description AltitudeIsAgl=True> blah blah blah </description>

and if it is not an attribute of description it should be an attribute of another element if it is to follow that notation.

I have attached the KML because I compile it and it doesn't give errors but the scenery doesn't show it at all even though it says "compiling database" when I reload FSX after updating that scenery.

For those willing to take a look at the problem in detail, place your aircraft at PX02 (Alvaro Berroa airport in PANAMA) and slew the a/c northeast to the highest peak (Volcan Baru) at 12000 foot and these coordinates

W 82.54104548817837
N 8.807589757022372


  • PA-VolcanBaru.zip
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I read the manual again (hadn't used this for quite a while) and noticed in it that scenery library objects are placed with PolyLine (path) and not with Point (pushpin).

However, I did so in my project for Building 1 and Antenna 1 as paths and the appropriate tag and elevation but they still don't show in FSX.
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Yet I must add that the generated XML tag for description does have a problem. In this case what was supposed to be the attribute is generated as free text instead.