Bugs in Modeldef.xml???

I think I found the reason my 3D canvas exporter fails for some animations.
There seems to be a problem with the modeldef.xml file I have.

Here are a couple of the entries - NOTE the capitalization of the typeParam/typeParam2 attributes. My XML parser ignores the ones that are all lower case.

<Animation name="l_tire_blurred_key" guid="2c52a54a-9902-487a-a355-d00874ce7d0f" length="100" type="Sim" typeParam2="l_tire_blurred_key" typeParam="AutoPlay" />

<Animation name="door_0" guid="9B5ED86C-B114-4924-B5C9-163A99042F2F" length="100" type="Sim" typeparam2="door_0" typeparam="AutoPlay" />

This really isn't the way things should be done with XML - case is very important.
Can anyone else confirm the same entries in their modeldef.xml file?

The MS 3DS/gMax exporter obviously takes this into account but it could be a potential problem for writers of exporters for other 3D packages.


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It is a case of inconsistency, but...

...as you've noted, the export .dll ACES supplies for Max/GMax isn't case sensitive, so such inconsistencies don't cause any issues for Max/GMax modelers.

I just examined my highly customized modeldef.xml and found ~40 instances of 'typeparam', all of which are frequently used animation tags, and none of which have ever caused a problem with an exported model.

While I had the file open however, I did take the few seconds required to perform a global search-and-replace just to restore consistency... :D
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Strings/VarNames/FieldNames/Tags etc in XML are always case-insensitive, sounds more like a bug in the parser than in the XML file :->
Strings/VarNames/FieldNames/Tags etc in XML are always case-insensitive,
Sorry that statement is completely incorrect.

The XML standard is that tags and attirbutes are completely case sensitive.
The parser I'm using is microsofts own!

The fixed modeldef.xml has solved my door opening problem.

The practical problem is that I should probably change the exporter to take the inconsistent names into account or other users may hit the same problem.