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Blender Buiilding a package with new files causes MSFS package builder to delete textures and their models

I built a cube with two UV maps. I put the files in correct places and then (using the the fspackagetool.exe) built the package. it deleted half of my other models and theircorresponding textures! I removed the cube and texturees, ran the tool again and they came back! What gives?
While I am at it, I used a PBR material to apply texture to the cube and to make it proportional I had to enlarge the UVs so they extended well off the 4096x4096 grid(see picture). So I made another UV and textured wrapped some dirt and a letter on the cube. It seems that MSFS doesn't like that, hence my above problem. I linked the second graphic as an albedo texture detail. I am lost and w/o a clue as to how the devs build these pbr textures with signage and whatnot! Here is the cube..... two UVs, two textures, a pbr (diamond plate) albedo, RGB-combo and normal with an albedo (letter and stains) detail. REally though I gound a slick way to marry the two textures... and when it comes to baking... hwo would you bake an oversized uv in the first place... I know. too many questions, but i have only been doing this a month :)

got it into the sim. i had to bake it first and lose the tiled textures... but it turns out darker... i guess resulution goes down when baking... everything seems darker in sim. even the hanger next to box

Screenshot (290).png
Maybe add or adjust your Blender lighting since you are baking, also the AO bake settings and there are some others.

When I have weird issues with Blender to the sim, I either revert to an older save or I copy and paste the objects using CTRL-C from one Blender instance to another. Not sure that would help, but just a thought.

Per the baking, yah it's hard and it seems to take too much time and I prefer PBR. I don't know though, I'm rendering stuff a bit more of a cleaner look lately, and might need to dirty things up a bit, for lack of a better word.
I am getting there. In materialize i just upped the brightness. I think the problem was since the material is metal it was giving 5hecwhite areas an alpha, black texture. I even managed to tint the panel in nodes to get it to a color, like the real one. Now it is looking like a painted metal panel. So much bakig is trail and error. Good news is, once I get it figured out things will get much faster! Thanks for your input!