FS2004 Building textures not show

Hello everyone !

I have an issue with textures on buildings in fs2004.
Texture size up to 1024 POT saved as BMP-DXT 1-3
Model made in 3ds max 2012 P3D SDK Tools (64 bit), converted to .X (Tried OBJ, DAE, 3DS) then with MCX to MDL FS9 format.
Then either Instant Scenery Library Maker or Arno's LibraryCreatorXML
To place the object Im using either Instant scenery 3 or EZ.
Files location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\scenery and texture.
In test of everything I chose 2 objects that have to share the same textures. One building is rendering texture that has to be shared but another is not. I tried single building in Library too, just because of concern of "maybe something different in materials that FS9 cannot handle to share this" - Same Sugar.
FS2004 settings maxed out, so max texture load is 1024. FS9 is Fresh install.
After all, ok, I placed the building placement bgl created so Im happy (no texture). Restart FS9 then Create flight in that area where building should be > loading scenery objects 1% "forever".
OK, Doing the same sugar but in nearest airport so I can slew to that building and see... Still nothing on the building or one of the texture is up n running but another is not..

In MCX models are fine, the same models converted to FSX mdl and BGL libraries are fine.

Tried on all 4 PCs that I have. The same Sugar..

i7 3.6Ghz
RAM 16Gb

Here is a link to DropBox for models and textures. Location is File name.

Any suggestion appreciated..

Ok, thanks for that.. Probably I missed that for some reason, but why any other DXT1-3 texture is not loading ? To make DXT5 to 3 is not a big deal tho..
Sorted.. Because of one small tiny piece of 8x8 that I mistakenly saved in DXT5 messed up any other textures.. Shame on me..:oops:
Thanks JRobinson.. Im getting old. :(o_O

FS9 doesn't support textures more than 256px, so you need to change TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 instead of TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=256 in the FS9.CFG. FS9 also can support BMP DXT5 but not DDS. FS2002 is the only FS which cannot support BMP DXT5, it just supports BMP DXT3 or less. Make sure you have putted your texture converted to BMP DXT5 to texture folder.