FSXA BUMP - Stock airport won't go away - v1.76.6715 STILL AN ISSUE

I'm working on KIKV - Ankeny Regl (0202\scenery\APX23170.bgl stock airport) and cannot get the taxi signs to go away without going in and renaming APX23170.bgl file. That however also takes out 46IA airport which is within that BGL file so it is not a 'cure'. I have double and triple checked to insure that there is not another bgl file interfering, and the name change on the stock airport does the trick, until it is allowed to come back in. This is the first airport I have done with v1.76, but did not have the issue with v170. I'm a long time user and don't think that I am missing a step, but need help figuring this one out. Stock items.jpgRunway crossing.jpg

Edit: I might add that there is a full field 'Airport Background Exclude All' installed as well.

Field Layout.jpg

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How are you deleting the taxi signs - selecting them in ADE and pressing the Delete key?

You could always try excluding them by clicking the Exclude Polygon button with a yellow square on it, drag a rectangle around the signs, unchecking All, and checking Taxi Signs.
Hi Tom,

For starters, there is NO indication in ADE that the signs are even there....unlike when I place one in the correct location. See the area circled in first couple pictures. I have tried exclusion boxes (with 'All' and individual selection ticks), whole field exclusion of 'ALL' (not a smart move on my part because everything BUT the signs go away), and the Airport Background Exclude All option. As stated earlier, the ONLY way I have been able to get them to go away is to rename the APX23170.bgl file, but that is unacceptable as it messes with other airports (at least one - 46IA) in the area. I don't remember ever having to fight this battle before.

Along the line of your thoughts Tom, there was a windsock in the middle of Rwy 36 that did go away with an exclusion box, but not these rambo-taxi signs.

FOR INFO: A file save and a compile is being done in ADE after each different attempt to get rid of the signs. I have even gone to other airports just to insure that cache is cleared and not messing with me.

1-B  Exclude General - Airport Backgrounds.jpg1-C  Exclude General - Airport Backgrounds.jpg2-B Exclude Rectangle Placement.jpg2-C Exclude Rectangle Placement.jpg3 B Exclude Airport Background Activated.jpg3 C Exclude Airport Background Activated.jpg4-A Filename Changed.jpg4-B Filename Changed.jpg

Any help would be appreciated.


"Tools" -> "Load Stock Data" -> "Taxi Signs.

"Listts" -> "Taxi Signs"

Select all and delete.
Thank you George,

Had to go about it a slightly different way, possibly version differences, don't know....but...at least I could see where they were in ADE and delete them individually. Issue resolved. Thanks again.

Might add....the M$ individual that did this airport originally had duplicate signs on top of each other, some in wrong places, many, many exclude boxes in crazy places as well. Quite a mess.