C++ -> Moving a String?

Is it possible to move a String? I want to display the vertical speed with a needle. And at the top of that needle should always be the exakt vertical speed as number.
I can display the text with the vertical speed. But how can I move the Position of the String? I tried it with Var's in the x and y Position. But he only takes the first value and does not move the Position even if the values of the Var's changes.
At that Moment i can only move images with MAKE_MOVING() or MAGE_SPRITE(), but Strings??? :confused:


Resource contributor
Unfortunately, MAKE_STRING macro will not allow for dynamic updating of the x,y screen cordinates.

What you want to accomplish is only possible using either GDI or GDI+, as those methods allow us to dynamically update all the parameters when "drawing" a string on the DIBSECTION (memory "bitmap").